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Civil engineering

Our diploma course in civil will help you excel in all aspects of civil engineering. This course on its own will prepare you on a practical level.

Engineering Sketch

Mechanical engineering

Our diploma in Mechanical engineering course is ideal for students who aim to work in the mechanical field. This course focuses on preparing you on site thereby landing you in prestigious position at the top companies.

Electrical engineer working on circuit board

Electrical and electronic engineering

Our diploma course in electrical and electronics engineering is aimed to transform our students on a experienced level in this field. Curious students who have meddled with electronic equipments will find their dreams come true.

Fashion in Yellow

Fashion and apparel design

Our diploma in Fashion and apparel design is sure to ignite your passion for fashion to the next level. This course will help you learn, create and understand fashion from the roots to current trends transforming you into a master of art and design.

Patterned Fabrics

Knitting and Garment technology

Our diploma course in garment technology is targeted for students who love to research fabrics and knitting processes. Our industry level training combined with on site internships will help you land quality jobs

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